Monday 7th December



Caught a train out of Berlin with new generation tech goths.
Smart-phoners surfing beyond the now. They get excited about
exchanging images of other people’s lives.
Dressed in black, heads shaved up the sides. Arrived too early at
the hole for the sky, fed my face at Cindy Diner – Burger & fries.
That instinctual mistrust of unattended luggage sleeping just under
the skin. I maintain constant surveillance, glancing between
dips into ketchup & mayo, I’m in the pink.
Flying leg-room-class in a budget tube with coughers & sneezers,
farters & the over perfumed. The geezer next to me is tooled-up
with cameras. They hang around his neck like prayer beads & he
never take them off.
Someone cracks one off behind, someone stands up all flight
reading broadsheets. We touch down with customary violence,
bounce a little, make everybody gasp then laugh. Essex in the dark
is wet, cold & hostile. I feel stateless, homeless, not sure why
I’m here, hoping I’ll remember soon.


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