Thursday 10th December



Sleeping in a silent room at the other end of the house – weird.
Like living in a hotel. Bits of me keep arriving from Berlin
at random intervals like lost luggage. Multi-tasking, when I desire
only prep for touring.
Rising in the dark again, yesterday’s trick on hold to play taxi
to the station. Laughing in the car, with you. Only interested in
solutions as problems fall away.The positivism of dancing
counteracts a dark side landslide. I was always too self-conscious
to dance in public, though it always looked sooo good. Wish I had it
in me but I don’t. Glad it never got passed on in my jeans.
Music & dancing must be a winner when you’re down. Like singing
carols at the top of your voice in the kitchen through these
long winter nights.
On stage is beautiful, the most peaceful place on Earth.
The kick drum is more than a dealer, it’s my minister, my healer.
Ego & all it’s dogs, run away when the kick drum drops.

Who built this fence? Who left this mark? Where are they now?


9 thoughts on “Thursday 10th December

  1. You bring light in….to a dark place…
    Walking in light, glowing walking in light
    Gold ring around you, the hues of you
    The golden sunlight of you…
    ♥ ! -K

  2. Funny how different things look from the outside. Never would’ve imagined you’d have any self-consciousness about dancing, Karl – onstage, your joy is obvious and I salute you for it. I can’t sing, so I dance, more creakily these days but my sanity depends on it. Welcome to the Church of Disco, and much gratitude to those who fill its hymnal. 🙂

  3. Funny how now I’m clean I’m not self conscious. The need to dance on a regular basis is a must. I love it, the unbounded joy of it. Keep on keeping on.

  4. 1966 (the year i was born) – Germans danced on the bottom of the sea
    The Highlights……come on Karl lets dance to the legendary Galyxo-Sound!!!
    (Maybe in March? Got my ticket in the Mail today 🙂 HAPPY!!!!! X

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