Friday 18th December



So I’m driving at night down the dual carriageway & I see this
truck up ahead with it’s right indicator going but not pulling over.
I’m closing in fast on it & start pulling out, but he doesn’t budge,
just keeps plodding away in the left lane with his indicator going.
As I come up alongside I see a people mover a few feet in front of
the truck going slow. The truck is right up behind it. You know
it’s carnage if the people mover rams on his breaks. The Truck
starts flashing it’s lights, still indicating right. The people
mover sticks to somewhere around 40, it’s left indicator flashing
but going nowhere. Then, just as I overtake the truck, the driver’s
window of the people mover winds down. A long, naked arm snakes
out, up over the roof & flicks the most beautiful, balletic ‘V’.


5 thoughts on “Friday 18th December

  1. Yes, lorry drivers are the bane of my motorway driving. I had 3 on my journey to Canterbury just use their bully boy tactics and pulled out straight in front of me. Usually they get the middle finger from me. Progress not perfection.

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