Wednesday 30th December



Diary went missing in a day of multi-tasks. Porridge, Tea, Poetry
& Peace, gathering thoughts, lining them up, sifting the good ones.
Picking up party lights & Pyros, booze & snacks & plastic cups.
Clock watching, scheduled into future rendezvous’, then driving,
meeting, greeting, eating, talking, walking, shopping, sopping wet in
northern rain & parting sad, drive south in the dark-n-wet & scrape
the car driving to a meeting to line up thoughts that scatter
like broken strings of pearls. Pull into lay-bys on unlit back roads
between the fields, deep puddles conceal holes shredding tyres,
laughing, phoning home, grateful there’s no broken bones or homes
or anything that can’t be put right in a spray booth. Sitting in a
room of mad heads, hearing the similarities, gratitude rising,
driving home.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 30th December

  1. The similarities in our mad heads and not the differences is what unites us and gets us through. Some one is screwing about with Essex roads round Tiptree, drive with care.

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