Friday 1st January



Picking banjo in a bower of fairy lights. Thinking about delay-lines,
machines I experimented with as a kid. Early tape-echoes, 1960’s,
why did I stop? Last night, sat on the bonnet of the car, alone
between the fields, beneath a full sky of stars. Engine running,
flask of black stuff steaming , practising new tunes for the tour,
stopping cars that wound down windows to shout their names.
The stars & the car & the engine running, the black stuff & the music
playing turned negative positive – new stuff feels good.


5 thoughts on “Friday 1st January

  1. Loved the sample teaser. Can’t wait for Roundhouse! Happy New Year Karl & Pals! Here’s to celebrating Barbara in 20 years time! Forever your friend – Cheers Liz!

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