Tuesday 5th January



Dreamed of snakes oozing out of every crack in a multi-coloured
cartoon country. A place with a name where everyone is happy,
playing with the slithering things like pets. Had enough of that,
woke myself up.

Moved to the sofa.

Dreamed of a different Technicolor country, somewhere I’ve been,
contrast turned up a little past ‘normal’. Smiling people,
but more laid back. A place where desert sand meets the sea.
Where towering red stone rocks absorb the worst of the sun’s rays
reflecting them reduced to a comfortable glow. Radiant faces
stroll between cacti, taking it for granted they grow twenty
stories high. Cafe’s appear when you need them, just by thinking,
clustered in cool enclaves, quiet, spiced, exotic, conversation
exactly right for a dancing pen.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday 5th January

  1. Now that you’re playing at Coachella can you do a show at the Santa Barbara Bowl (great venue way better than the Hollywood Bowl) mid-week between the 2 shows? New Order and Sigur Ros did it and it was amazing!

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