Tuesday 12th January



Sat on the edge of the bed with a throat that doesn’t want to sing,
talking to it softly, rocking, reminding it of our deal. There’s a
clear sky over Essex, beautiful, exciting, thin & white at the
horizon, ultramarine high above us where all the stars have been
cleared away like empties after the party. Just a couple left behind
to watch us with dumb rabbit eyes. Not even the lights of passenger
planes glide to earth transporting company & kindness. Venus waits
behind, stoops low to comfort us.
Somewhere out there, a young deer lies motionless in a ditch,
somewhere a car with a new dent clears it’s throat & migrates
to the station. It’s cold & damp, the sounds of silence with no
collar to turn up, just a t-shirt & a clock ticking on the bedside
table. Shuffle around the bedroom in the dark with only memory & the
light of an unborn day to navigate by. I don’t want to flick the
switch this morning. Want to hold on to the sanctuary of sleep for
as long as possible.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 12th January

  1. A rolling stone and…! Erwarten schon die nächsten attacken und werden uns beeilen mit der genesung,danke.
    Muchos gracias karl,du hast das baby schön geschaukelt.Hätte mich gern auch noch länger unterhalten aber muß jetzt glaub ich gehn. ..ss.

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