Friday 5th February



The boys in funny hats take a table in the corner.The one with the
white canvas fur lined backwards, the one with the backwards cap
& headphone necklace, one leg black, one leg grey. They got a
‘backwards’ theme going, unites them, makes them happy. In walks a
tight wool hat, pulled over thinning hair, tight beard, tiny eyes,
stares. Gives attitude to the waitress who smiles, requesting his
room number as he grunts & walks away. She keeps smiling,
smelling great, makes his aggression pathetic. When I return from
the second of many visits to the breakfast buffet of heaven a couple
have materialised at the next table avoiding each others eyes. Begs
the question, ‘what happened last night?’. They don’t talk to each
other & it makes me sad. Time is moving to fast to fall out of love.

Back in my hotel room I write about the streets of Berlin, preparing
to meet the world & it’s press. Taking time to chill with my current
favourite label – listening to Locomobile ‘Music Is Random’


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