Monday 8th February



The mantra repeats as the first show approaches. It’s only
broadcast live & televised – no pressure there then.
Picked up a bug shaking hands across Europe, five days straight
press-touring the new album sandpapering my throat with relentless
conversation, interrogated under bright lights for the whereabouts
of the microfilm.
The lady behind the counter at the chemist checks she heard me right,

“Cough medicine ‘without’ alcohol?”

Shoppers raise an eyebrow & take note of my face.
Like a fool I let my guard down, stopped using the manuka honey,
& the Throat Coat, let the candle get light both ends. Next time
I meet-n-greet I’ll discretely secrete antiseptic gel on the palms
or practise looking cool in rubber gloves.


4 thoughts on “Monday 8th February

  1. I’m definately not ill but to the delight of some have lost my voice :-D..too much “singing” on Saturday’s Bowie night :-D..

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