Friday 12th February



Writing fast before the household descends from it’s chambers.
The sound of water rushing through pipes, sun whispering
through gossamer mist, fertile earth, busy beneath a crust of
frost, germinates gifts, hums to it’s self – can you hear it?
Anything the body may have caught forget, along with every thought
you have. There’s only a moment in time now, close, just up ahead.
It contains within it ‘all’ sound, ‘all’possibilities, humming to
it’s self with potential, beckoning, germinating gifts.


2 thoughts on “Friday 12th February

  1. So listening to Underworld in the car as I often do with my 14 year old son…”Rik is pretty genius doing that music” he says…Yes he is I say….”so when there is no singing does Karl just dance around the stage?” he continued… Hahahaha… Out of the mouths of babes.. 😁

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