Sunday 14th February



Woke on the Mary Celeste, tour bus silent as the gravy, 6:00am,
parked between dormant cross country cruisers. Dress, clean teeth,
clear bunk, coat on, hat on, leave. Half way to the taxi rank
I realise I forgot a hanging wardrobe full of clothes & don’t know
the key code to get back in – everybody’s still sleeping.
No sweat, I’ll call somebody, wake ’em up…ah, left my phone on my
bunk! No sweat, there’s a picture of the code in the photo library
on my lap top. Six tries later, I’ve forgotten the security code
to the lap top. It’s freezing, squatting on the black top between
the buses, a knackered prune, post fame & celebration. No Sweat,
switch off the head, let the fingers dance across the keys – bingo!
Sunday morning, five hours sleep, better not to think.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 14th February

  1. Ah the brain lag. Many times I’ve forgotten my pin no. the anxiety making the mind blanker, my daughters know it though. Great set last night, thank you very much and loving the new tunes. Happy Valentines if that’s your kinda thing, much better to say it on the other 364 days of the year though.

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