Tuesday 23rd February



Started yesterday with a photo session after four hours sleep.
Nice. Had it in my head it would be with yet another photographer
so fixed on ‘the shot’ that they’d miss everything real & good.
So many wait for you to look serious before opening the shutter,
makes me sad, winds me up, bring me down. How many wasted
opportunities to capture ‘magic’ have we witnessed, pushed & pulled
around in front of the big glass eye? Prodded into place to ‘fit’
someone’s vision of us. I get it that they have to come prepped
with ideas, but these should only be ‘back-up’ incase nothing
happens when the lens cap comes off. Most photographers are so fixed
on their back-up set-ups they don’t recognise ‘the moment’ when is
dancing full technicolor right in front of them. You get an
immediate sense how the shoot is going to go just by how willing
the one behind the lens is prepared to embrace the moment. On that
rare occasion when a photographer steps outside the brief & gets
enthused by the honesty playing out right there & then the
electricity is tangible, self perpetuating, a buzz.
Buzz-begats-buzz. When you know you’re working with someone like
this, time opens up, people relax & magic comes out to play.
Yesterday was one such moment. Rare & totally unexpected, yet at
the end of the session everyone knew something good had happened.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 23rd February

  1. There is something extremely liberating in flying your own airplane.
    Not the luxury, not even the flying itself but to skip the crowd, the stress and the time schedules.

    I´m sure you will look good enough to make us mortals sigh, Karl 🙂

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