Saturday 5th March



Shaking for reasons unknown, information attacks in random waves.
Late international phone calls interrogate what remains at the
end of days. Words tumbling from a loose mouth, fractured images
collide, recalled between muffled ears.
Get in the car, drive, keep driving, focus on nothing, the road,
soothed in the underscore of radio 3. A single piano beautifully
recorded, clear as a single bell, a light in the dark needs nothing,
offers everything. Sonically rearranged slipped into the first
parking space of the day it starts snowing.

Listening to Motorpsycho ‘Here Be Monsters’


3 thoughts on “Saturday 5th March

  1. How Much Is The Fish? and Scooter came to mine mind. I love the sound of the 90’s but I love the sound of the guitar too. 🙂

    Listening to John Mayer and Grateful Dead this morning singing Morning Dew.

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