Tuesday 8th March



Hunting poetry in back alleys, Tokyo delivers Spring early,
chilling time warped travellers into puppies of dribbling grins.
Tomato rockin’ at the PARCO gallery, covering walls in retrospective
art-scrawl. The gurns & grins of jet-lagged faces, sagged beneath
sleepless weight. The foot drag, the slur & mumble, glazed expression,
dazed drifting in erratic lulls between conversation. I smell fish,
aromas promising noodle…following. Now the world turns psychedelic
as the jet-lag really kicks in, just as we start five hours of
interviews. Sleep is a myth.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 8th March

  1. Hab fertig geschlafen,wenn du mich bitte abholen möchtest…ich will nämlich jetzt im 2.beruf gerne auch groupie werden,-nur muse,das füllt mich nicht mehr aus.Bis bald,
    ich freu mich auf alle’s.

  2. Plenty more Fish un the Sea. Psychadelia was always my favourite state of being. Thought I had mispkaced three vinyl LP’s but found 30+, where is my mind?

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