Thursday 17th March



Busses parked up on the black top between the freshly painted
facades of classic brutalist architecture. Caught on camera in
a well of sunlight beneath a crystal clear blue sky. Good food,
soul food, the steels slip off the back of trucks, erected in
transformation dedicated to the imaginations of a touring
family, the faces you never see, around since the days when
we were a footnote, an afterthought, an add-on at the
bottom of the bill. Still, ‘People’ make the difference, the
electric stuff is just toys, tools, inanimate until blood & bone
& skin arrive, directed by synaptic connections coupled in
curious magic.


7 thoughts on “Thursday 17th March

  1. It’s St.Paddy’s Day,in th gude olde UK,& my,”When i’m 64″ birthday.Can it really b 38yrs since u guys were th Screen Gems,& i was tht Nylonz boy?!?Still have th reel-reel tape of u supportng us @ th infamous shambles of our farewell gig @ th Welsh Guards Club;your accoustic version of “Downtown” stole th whole nite!Saw a piece wth u being interviewd in th old Lexington buildng awhile ago….my second home frm 75-80.I keep tryng 2 finish th book bout those delitefuly crazed daze;best get on wth it…..Steve Bennett.

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful evening in Berlin yesterday. It was awesome, you made me very happy. I wish all the best for your world tour: love, fun, success and buckets full with money:-)
    Greets to you and all of your team

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