Tuesday 22nd March



Clean the gutters. Make everything pristine, re-set to zero.
Fast cars, black cars, waiting outside hotels for pick-ups.
A train, a banana, Toy Town, Media City humming, hissing,
transmitting to the world. A fly, trying to escape, crashes
a window that never opens. Lone men walk with pockets full of
knuckles , cases run on wheels, following signs to tv gardens.
Get balls through hoops on patches of green surrounded by
high security fences, locked gates, keep ’em out.
New universe.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 22nd March

  1. Greetings from LA…
    Saw many things my friend db,a boring six,a warm sculptur,
    i miss many things my friend’s and a warm hand.
    It’s a wonderfull world…

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