Thursday 31st March



Dear Tom, how is Cambridgeshire today? A beautiful part of the world
or, perhaps, a bit boring at times like rural Worcestershire was for
me as a teenager. I hear you were there at the Friday night Roundhouse
show – what a great gig to be at! Filled to the rafters with friends
& family & what a crowd that night! Fabulous! Such beautiful energy!
I can’t tell you how good it feels to be a part of energy like was
present that night. Together we lifted the roof off the place,
didn’t we? – levitated the building, moved it off it’s foundations!
Took it for a drive up the street!
Thank you for being part of what will go down in folklore as being
one of the greatest nights of our lives.
Your vibe was noted & gratefully received.
Let’s do it again..?


16 thoughts on “Thursday 31st March

  1. just over 6 hours remaining, and counting…… Can’t wait for the pace of time to pick up again and then to be confronted with the actual speed at which it can fly….

  2. I completely concur Karl, it was tremendous. Took my sister to her first gig, so glad it was UW. Don’t think I’ve seen a better performance of yours. Thank you so much, keep setting the fires. 🙂

  3. I have no idea who Tom is, but I think I’d like him.

    (Wow, Karen, first gig and it’s UW? She’ll be spoiled for life.) 🙂

  4. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the mention on this entry (I didn’t know my Mum had contacted you until this morning when the postcards from you and Rick arrived, thank you so much for them, I was very pleased and surprised), I really loved the gig at the Roundhouse, I certainly won’t forget at as I’m a huge Underworld fan and it was my first gig, what a brilliant place to start!

    Many thanks,


      • I’ve been a fan for ages as well (favourite band) I’d never had the chance to see them until then though 🙂 I’d love to go to Jodrell Bank as well, I just hope I’m not busy. I’d see them every night if I could, they were brilliant (didn’t realise I’d posted all these replies too, whoops haha, I couldn’t see any of them at the time so I just assumed they hadn’t posted properly and just typed new ones).

  5. Oh and sorry I’m late replying, I only just got a proper WordPress account (posted this on 10th April’s post as well so apologies if you have already read this).

    Best wishes to you and Rick

    Tom from Cambridgeshire

  6. By the way there is a thank you card I sent you and Rick, just to let you know, because after the trouble you went to and the gig as well, I really should say thank you.

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