Wednesday 4th May



After the excitement of yesterday. After TV & the meets-n-greets
of happy smiling faces. After finally hooking up with Savages &
meeting the fabulous fellow Midlander Beverly Knight . After the
euphoria of everything & everything going to plan, and the rush
of two hits of adrenaline, one for the recorded show, one for live,
and taking time for photographs with new friends & old,
the relief on the faces of crew & team, the smiles on the faces
of family, the light in their eyes. After stepping out into the
night, under a sky of stars, the first hit of sweet nocturnal
oxygen, feeling like tiny giants, laughing together, parting with
hugs & elaborate cartoon waves. After that fleeting feeling of
good-to-the-bone, the hiss of calm-to-the-core, the temporary
quieting of the tinnitus, the living-in-the-moment, enjoying
the now, letting out a deep breath & allowing a smile to flicker
across the face. After all the lights & instruments & cameras
& stage clothes & travel bags have been packed away, hung up
or dumped in the wash bin the sun rises on another glorious
Essex morning & it’s Bin Day!


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