Monday 9th May



Then rolled. Stuff came in on the phone. Phone call after phone call.
I sat on a bench in the sun outside the church, listening to the
machine in my hand, talking in tongues. Wrote an article for
Tokyo Time Out, forgot to record a voice over for a radio station,
learned how to program a drum machine, battle with an ancient loyal
computer to let me in, was late to pick someone up from the station,
didn’t like the heat of the sun, left the car windows open in the
rain, won the battle with the computer, managed to actually record
something, cooked & ate with family, watched something on tv for ten
minutes then back in the studio till bed time, remembering to spend
time with family, important time, stop work make space time,
jigsaw puzzle time, story time, walk int the fields time, listening
time, sacred, precious, soon to be gone time, living in the moment
in danger of living in some other time time, pulling back, hugs,
smiles, quiet voices, laughter. Started watching Love & Mercy again.


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