Friday 3rd June



The sad news on the radio that we lost Dave Swarbrick hit me,
driving back from the studio. It was the album Full House that
first introduced me to Dave & Fairport Convention. Still my
favourite folk rock album, though tut-tutted by my die-hard
Fairport mates, every track on that record is a gem, especially
‘Flowers Of The Forest’. It had a profound influence on me,
showed me how to create melodies out of a drone, something I
would call on again & again when Underworld began making club music.
At a time when modulation in the bass just wouldn’t have cut it, yet
at the same time we were searching for ways to introduce melody t
through voice, it was the Fairports I would constantly return to for
inspiration. I will miss Dave’s inimitable electric fiddle playing,
& wish the electric violin was being explored more today in
contemporary music. What a fantastic sound, an over driven
electric fiddle.


3 thoughts on “Friday 3rd June

  1. Sad news indeed. I belatedly became a Richard Thompson fan through his 90s material, but I didn’t know Fairport, sorry to say.

    But the electric violin, YES! One of my most-cherished concert memories was a solo performance by Laurie Anderson in 1994; I just decided to close my eyes and sway on those waves of sound. Yeah, I looked like an idiot, so what. 🙂

    Don’t get me started on Ms. Anderson unless you’ve got a month or so to spare. I’m usually wary of putting people on too high a pedestal, but I truly admire that woman. I’ll leave you with my favorite recorded solo of hers. Goosebumps.

  2. Thanks for sharing Karl. As a big fan of both Fairport and Underworld, and not being too aware many others, I am delight that there are crosscurrents and song lines that connect 2 of my favourite groups of musicians.
    I shall miss Swarb, and miss the pure energy of his playing. The pure joy of dancing to his tunes in a Oxfordshire field back in the 80s was a very similar experience to dancing to Underworld at the Brixton Academy 20 odd years later…

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