Saturday 25th June



I stumble off the bus at 6:00am, feet wrapped in black bin liners.
A lone woman staggers up to me smiling,
“Where are you from?”
“welcome to Glastonbury!” she slurs surveying the mud & our tour bus
marooned in a ditch on yards away from back stage at West Holts,
where last night we had the most fabulous homecoming after seventeen
years away.

“It’s been a long time since we were here last” I grin, politely.

recalling the BBC broadcast was the best music tv I’ve ever seen,
watching it back at 1:00am on a tiny cell phone screen.
The staggering woman offers me a paper cup with a little yellow
liquid in the bottom,


“That’s been even longer” I reply, sliding off to the mini bus
waiting in a puddle to disappear us to the airport.


8 thoughts on “Saturday 25th June

  1. Karl,ich schlage vor,nächstes mal hohlen wir uns bei den damen vom grill nur die appetit und essen lieber zuhause!?
    Mist,der vogel kann von hier nich zwitschern und muß jetzt auch wieder losfliegen.

  2. Thanks to you for the best dance I had at Glastonbury it took me to a place I love and have missed and was so happy that it found me again after all these years.

  3. I couldn’t get to Glast – but watching you now on demand BBC.
    Best ever
    Making me dance at noon on a sunday

  4. Wish I had been there, the most amazing set I have ever heard/viewed, thank you so much for the food for the soul…..

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