Sunday 7th August


My family has a long tradition of creating sculptures & assemblages
that I grew up believing was normal to every family.
They would, of course, all be considered the works of outsider
artists, as their creators never went to art school nor received the
appropriate documentation ratifying them as ‘proper’ artists.
None the less they were all profound influences upon one who did.
This is one of Mom’s, an artist more commonly accepted as a genius
with needle & thread, seen here experimenting with fibreglass,
plastic, ceramic, cork, stone & organic material – makes perfect
sense to me.
Alan Kaprow

6 thoughts on “Sunday 7th August

  1. What a great viewpoint and tribute to your Mom. I remember having a conversation about Laurie Anderson years ago, trying to describe how walking out of her performances the world seems slightly askew: suddenly there are oddball bits and juxtapositions that make you laugh and exclaim “I never thought of that before!” I never stayed in that mindset for long, and I’m only stating the obvious to anyone who practices this stuff regularly, but yeah…you guys do good work. Thanks.

  2. The artistic gene alas gave me a big body swerve, though my mum and sister have it in abundance… Ho hum 😀

  3. Meine haut hat grad auch so einige blauwe violette flecken,.und ich habe fast 14tage nach dem anschlag immer noch starke schmerzen,sobald das medikament nachläst.

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