Saturday 13th August


The animals, here they come, a child’s tune played on a xylophone.
A broken phone, a voice from the past sighing at the breakfast table. 
Be happy, be happy & be happy.

Two fingers for the number two. 
Two people avoiding eye contact. 
Two ears in tears. 
Hands held. 
Comfort in twos.
Two hands raised to the sky. 
Be happy.

Stone electric leaving grins, returned to life.
Be happy
Baby get your money out, still looking for dirt, following the white 
Be happy.

Fluttering, blows in the wind, hands in pockets, all the time 
in the world.
Be happy.

How did you get so high? Don’t jump!
Be happy
All the cars are White or Black or Silver. 
Be happy.
Tears, a river runs through the valley. Lost & found.
Be happy.

Lights flashing, Alien in town! Fascination stares at weird thing. 
Arriving loaded, leaving. 
Be happy, be happy & be happy.

(Kitayuzawa Onsen – to – Usu-zan Volcano) 

Highway Star – Deep Purple


4 thoughts on “Saturday 13th August

  1. いoops, I’m so glad you came to Hokkaido, I live here, if you get a chance please go to the Shiretoko National Park, if your lucky you’ll see bears in their natural habitat, but don’t get too close unless your after a selfie.

  2. Sorry I’m not sure if I just posted, I seem to be technologically inept, I’m glad your here in Hokkaido, if you get a chance please go to the Shiretoko national park, it is a world heritage site, if your lucky you might see wild bears and if your foolish enough you can take that elusive selfie with a bear ( sorry did that joke first post), pleas enjoy Hokkaido, I know I do every day.

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