Sunday 21st August


Rhythm of stripes
Rhythm of walking
Rhythm of a mouth not speaking
Rhythm of spoon
Of glass
Of look-around, cruising
Rhythm of voices in a crowd
Of silence
Rhythm of badge
Rhythm of name
Rhythm of too much fashion
Rhythm of trying too hard
Rhythm of easy
Rhythm of surfing the wave
Rhythm of a light in the dark
Rhythm of a hand reaching out
Rhythm of street
Of feet, passing
Rhythm of everybody going somewhere, nowhere, anywhere
Rhythm of a turning page
Rhythm of hand touching face
Rhythm of alarm calls
Phone calls
Wake up calls
Rhythm of remembering
Rhythm of time, inevitable
Rhythm of yesterday, forgotten
Rhythm of now, kiss my eyes
Rhythm of an old smile
A new smile
Any kind of smile
Rhythm of day of living
Fingers tapping, sending messages
Rhythm of tiny acts of kindness
No cost 
No consequence


2 thoughts on “Sunday 21st August

  1. Always Loved A Film………My fifth birthday today, five years of freedom and feeling the rhythm of life. Life is good all of the time, no matter what it’s a beautiful thing.

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