Thursday 15th September



She leans onto her knees, looks tired in uniform. A poster on the
wall behind offers help & care. A number to call & a question,
‘Is she really a threat?’
She sits beneath a surveillance camera, doesn’t care, they can watch,
they’re commonplace. She take off all her clothes & it wouldn’t
matter, everything is caught on camera.

We’ve been travelling for minutes, but it feels like hours. Barely
reached the outskirts of town & I’m bored. A woman in the next block
of seats checks her hair in the window, it’s black outside, all she
sees is her reflection, a mess of hair cascades. Nothing will
ever save it, but she keeps glancing anyway, trusting in miracles.

The woman in uniform turns out to be wearing a tracksuit she reveals
when she stands, uncovering a ruck-sac strapped to her back in
fluorescent yellow, the kind that glows in the dark. She’s a cyclist
or a fitness freak, but neither seem to be doing her any good.
I wish I was home, but I’m not, travelling back up the line, a
journey I’ve made hundreds of times & it never gets better.
I wish I was home now, I wish I was Superman.


7 thoughts on “Thursday 15th September

  1. Wingey Karl, Wingey Karl
    Get a wider tube for the colonic irrigation
    That’ll make life easier

    Wingey Karl, Wingey Karl
    Drive the train …. Get train drivey lessons
    That’ll put you in charge of your destiny
    {Toot, toot Casey Jones]

    Wingey Karl, Wingey Karl
    Look deep into the black mirror, open your face

    Smiley Karl, Smiley Karl
    Tap those impossibly perfect feet to the rhythm of the train
    Smiley Karl, Smiley Karl, Smiley Karl, Karly Smile.

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