Thursday 24th November



Keep a promise, a bowl of coffee to kick-start the morning.
Surfing the news, relentless dark broadcasters. Play the flute,
set the mood, table for one, Indian restaurant across from
the station. It’s OK, I’m doing it alone tonight & it’s OK.
You don’t have to worry about me or hang around fussing.
I can eat with my mouth & everything.

How’s this?
How’s that?
Nod my head,
Sweet & Hot,

Good to have you back,
Man in Black,
Chastised for hands concealed behind the back by servants of
the shrine,
Keep everything in plane sight or they’ll think you’ve got
something to hide,
Shifty leaves a smile.

Richie Havens – ‘Here Comes The Sun


5 thoughts on “Thursday 24th November

  1. Lordy!!! That’s some version of Here comes the Sun ! Ha…got me awake for the day :)…ps,..don’t buy any of these shoes! 😀 :-O

  2. I saw Richie Havens at Glastonbury in the early 80’s before it became a horrible corporate nightmare. A Friday night in the pouring rain, it was absolutely magical and I’ve loved his music ever since, Portfolio is my favourite album.

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