Thursday 15th December



Look at me & I’ll punch you in the face,
Anyone who responds to me gets it!

Missed my station,
Got off at Euston,
Switched lines back to Kings Cross,
Got off,
Following signs to St Pancras International,
Full of hope & anticipation,
Following the crowd,
An earworm in my head,
I turn a corner,
In an underground tunnel,
This geezer,
In hood & wires,
Is facing off women,
As they pass,
(only women mind you)

“Look at me & I’ll punch you in the face,
Anyone who responds to me gets it!”

Somebody got out the wrong side of the bed,
Somebody just had their whole day inverted,
Somebody feels a rage,
Somebody feels fear,
Wonders when’s the next attack?
From whom?
And what direction?
How close?
How lethal?
How long?

Stepped off the train in Brussels,
To see guns as big as men.


6 thoughts on “Thursday 15th December

  1. Verstehst Du jetzt, was ich meine ?!
    Ich war mir SO sicher……. ZU sicher!
    … ich habe tatsächslich schon krampfhaft überlegt, welche lustigen Faxen ich jetzt machen könnte, um Dich irgendwie wach zu bekommen……. und Du fragst Dich mal, warum Du nicht schlafen kannst…….

    Ich werde nie wieder irgendeinen Namen erwähnen 😣. Ehrenwort!
    Dann kann es hier solange rumstehen, wie es will…

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