Sunday 5th February



Saturn walks into the room,
To talk on the radio,
To a laughing man,
Who keeps it moving,
Keeps it light,
For the time of day,

Silent gaps appear,
Cracks appear between them,
Saturn & the laughing man,
Words fail to arrive,
Though desired,
The river remains glitched,

The laughing man fills the gaps,
The radio exuding the colour ‘Salmon’,
A little pink cloud of flowers,
Framed in White,
Rides radio waves,
Bareback into the room,

Saturn learns fast,
Tests a joke,
A chuckle,
A disarming,
Act of unprecedented self deprecation,

Keep it moving,
Keep it light,
Even the heavy,
Laughing eventually,
The time of day,
Saturn walks back into the room.


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