Tuesday 28th February



Two men in a tree,
Two women in shades,
Two men with a laughing rope,
A tower singing to the wind,

Surf hits the beach,
Shadow of a foot,
A small minty song,
Howling bird,

Swooper at the fish house,
Digger at the sand house,
A gentle voice in afternoon heat,
Disguised in a sea breeze,

A greeting of strangers,
A shivering of winter blooms,
Sky diver pull the curtains back,
Let me look inside your boudoir,


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 28th February

  1. was?!
    Ich bin wild entschlossen, aus eurem Love-Boat wieder auszusteigen, damit ich irgendwann noch einmal so etwas wie ein eigenes Leben habe…

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