Friday 21st April


There’s a dirty place outside to smoke & freeze,
The girls stay inside,
Nodding heads in time to the music,

The kid on guitar turns off the fuzz,
Fakes a freak,
What a man,
Sweet little F word,

I am roof-dog,
Out on probation,
Down in Brixton,

Brixton gives me horns,
So sure,
Staring at the stars,

I am gone-boy,
Moaning like a dart board,
Walls of silver tassels,

Whistle-mouthed women lean back into imaginary winds,
Curving to an unloved groove,
Distributing stickers,

I’m full of Orange fizz,
One Two Three Four,
Haircut like a fish,

The boys round here look too clean,
Smell too sweet,
Dreaming Brixton


3 thoughts on “Friday 21st April

  1. Wie schafft man es, so egoistisch zu sein…?
    ich möchte das auch können !
    …….. und dann auch wieder nicht 😦

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