Saturday 10th June


Beauty demands,
Behind the Yellow line,
Rough ground for the blind,
The boy with the ‘I Fell Infinite’ tattoo kills time,
On the Piccadilly line


2 thoughts on “Saturday 10th June

  1. Tick Tock

    Soften to soften Man Kind
    Fluffy down
    Everything takes place on our Magic box
    Decide what we want as the tick tocks
    Fluffy down lock up and switch off

    Tick tock tick tock
    Fluffy up and get down
    Get down and queue for the latest tick tock
    Sleep in the rain to be the first to own the latest
    Tick tock
    Tick tock tick tock our rudimentary life skills are
    being put forward an hour
    Tick tock tick tock to late the Alarms gone off

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