Sunday 30th July


Two tin flamingos watch me from the undergrowth,
A grumpy bloke who tries so hard,
A bee disappears into a flower,
An old author orders the perfect egg (metaphorically speaking)



3 thoughts on “Sunday 30th July

  1. Don’t know where this came from just poured right out Sat 16th July after visiting MSP and seeing Fatherland. Too shy to put it out there. Not done anything like this since school 35 odd years ago. Nicked a couple of phrases, hope that’s OK, figured I could take a couple of licences as you made a Yorkshire man spend a weekend in Manchester. Thanks for the inspiration. If you get to see this I’d really appreciate just knowing that you had.

    Waiting to be shot out the Emerald City on the red bullet
    Except the bullet is a blank
    P1 becomes P13
    Porridge denied
    Time & space are folded
    Arrive in the Northern Powerhouse and step through the looking glass
    In the real world now

    MSP mental painting, mental strength
    A secret playing in this space?
    Read the stories
    Affecting and effecting
    These are real people, could be any people.
    It takes courage to put yourself on a wall
    & from the source more stories of drug fuelled madness
    The best of times, the worst of times
    Other hidden stories, dark humour
    She is an alcoholic in recovery
    was found a flat above an off-licence
    But she don’t care, she can cope
    A hidden community, nowhere, neverwhere or everywhere
    Perceptions altered, positives re-enforced, strength in community.

    Leave, have a nice meal, guilty pleasures.

    On the way to the exchange….
    ……..street theatre
    A battle of 4 legs v 2
    Cheers…I’m trying to get her to drink
    Shes needs to drink after she’s eaten you know.
    And she does.

    Provocative play
    Cocooned inside,3 floors up.
    more secret stories told
    Powerful stuff this,
    raw emotions, nerves touched
    Souls laid bare
    Red v Blue, love conquers all
    Times fly (fast) and its all over too soon
    But this is a game of two halves…and gives food for thought.

    Like we, these ideas need to travel
    North. South. Emerald City and beyond.

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