Sunday 8th October


I need to get away sharp,
I’ve got something on,
My sister’s coming over,

How about the 19th?
I can do the 19th,

I’m topping up,
I’m drinking the bottle,
Keep an eye,

What time do you think we should get together?
How about 7:30?
It’s up to you,
It’s fine by me,

I’m gonna try,
I’ll tell ’em I’m busy,
Slip away,
Got to get away by 6:45,
I’ll sit in the bath,
Laughing dirty



(Mostly what I listen to is Bob Dylan if I’m honest)
(Him & anything on the Detroit Underground label)



1 thought on “Sunday 8th October

  1. Ich fahre am 15.oct nach köln,erst zum wdr und dann in den untergrund zu radio moscow. ob es sich danach wohl anders mit der bade anstallt verhält?

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