Sunday 10th December


An empty vodka bottle stands abandoned & erect on the pavement,
Wondering what went wrong,

Someone staggers from a car park,
With a box full of random bits,
Lifted from the back of an off-road Porsche,

Looks around,
Sees me,
Staggers on,

They’re queue at all the peaceful places,
Sneezing in corners,
Too much talking,
Seasonal music,
Double-decker pushchairs,
Loud greeting,

They’ve fazed out my daily bread,
Replaced it with a microwaved thing,

Everything reduced to gloop,
All the milk is coconut,
Where have all the cows gone?

But the boarder is soft this morning,
The mouths have been up all night talking,
Offering a gift,
To soften the blow of separation


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