Sunday 24th December


We’re on a train,
It’s cold & dark,
And too late to be going into town,
But you have to make an effort,
Don’t you?

It’s warm on this train,
A modern one,
Not an old one that stinks,
Roll the dice,
Somebody must like us tonight,

You don’t have to talk to me,
You can be more interested in messages on your thing,
I love you,
I get it,

The next stop,
And the next stop,
The freshest haircut gets on,
The strongest man-scent,
Magazine model boy,
With the girl with the cartoon line around her lips,
Spends the journey talking in opposite directions,

Well here we are then,
Hanging around at a station again,
Missing home,
And bed,
Waiting for a number,
Gangs of drunken howlers,
Mad loners effin’ & blindin’,
“It’s not the ones like that who scare me”,
You said,
“It’s the gangs of men shouting”,

Put your head on my shoulder,
Like when you were little,
Like we’re having fun,
You fall asleep,


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