Tuesday 2nd January

3 – 7:

Fantastically embarrassing,
Years of practise,
Weeds in the back garden,

We have a master plan,
A dry run,
A smart car,
A picture book,

Look at the pretty pictures,
Whilst holding conversations,
Showing only the tops of our heads,
With eyes turned down to pages,
We’ve spent too long living here,

Are you going to do anything?
Or just stick around?
Are you downloading everything HD?
What’s the speed of your connection?
Don’t go there!
Reaction times differ,

What do you feel like?
Say something pizza,
Shall I call?
Or do you want to do it?
Take away?
Or eat in?
Whatever makes you happy

(Listening to: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble — Now)


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 2nd January

  1. Macht dir denn keinen spass mehr den fisch im glas im strom anne wand krepieren sehn? und da fällt dir nicht ein was zu tun ist?

  2. Hey Karl,
    We’ve spent too long living here.
    Hey man your music hits the nerve. I make STILL STOKED skateboards since 1997.
    Just finished 1st retro skateboards of Britain’s 1st mass produced skateboard made in 1977 – releasing them this spring as a revival drive on surfskate.
    We are planning promo video that guys at Odd Balls Brighton think has chance of going viral. Could I use tracks from Barking, they are so perfect for this skate scene.


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