Tuesday 6th February


Good morning Steven,
Oh you’re so sweet,
You want time to do the honours again,
Don’t you?

A woman walks in slow with hair like clouds,
Happy to see a dog in a coat,
The dog jumps up,
And dances around,
Knocking everything over,
But it doesn’t matter,
There are bigger fish to fry,
Everything perfect has become uncertain,

A woman makes a humming sound,
To accompany the craving of a thin man in Black,
Walking on stilts,
Shooting glances,
A flashing light on his back,
A warning,
A waving,
Look at me I’m here!
I’m leaving,

You can’t beat the fishes,
Unpacking these electric things,
Amazing numbers,
Unlocking seasons,
Paper dogs that beg for money,
Internet vigilantes


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