Sunday 11th March


The glass was turned face down,
The radio was playing the wrong station,
There was too much space,
Not enough faces,

A new generation with an old momentum,

The thing I paid for came back wrong,
Slammed down on the table with a stud through the nose,
No milk,
The music was safe,

A small town,
Dreams of a city,
Desires to be on fire,
To a new groove


3 thoughts on “Sunday 11th March

  1. Hello dear, I went insane thinking you were writing just for me. Back from hospital now and left my delusions behind. I love what you write. Andy Shillito said he knows one of you but he wouldn’t say who. I’m [email protected] I thought I was going to marry you for a really long time, but it doesn’t matter. It would be nice if you saw some of my drawings online. Have a lovely day.

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