Tuesday 13th March




Toilet flushing,
Radio crackling,
Footsteps on stairs,
Footsteps in leaves,
Church bells,

Excuse me,
When are you coming?
Gracefully stumbling into something



5 thoughts on “Tuesday 13th March

  1. At one point I thought you were living in a soundproof box in the attic. I heard all sorts of things especially in birdsong. One bird was my brother saying ‘Rowan…’ to get my attention and then ‘No’ and then laughing. Cute. I thought maybe Paul McCartney helped you design the voices. For 3 days it was like I was tripping. I wonder if green tea can do that if it’s old enough. I threw it out when I got back.

  2. Hey Karl..I’m aussie..(5 gens Lancashire multi culti Scots Irish English..!!) was a photographer in London 86 to 97. Did the pix for inside pink Floyd 1987 album MLOR with the other Robert. Left the weekend di died! Now living in Byron Bay with 3 boys ( nuts) and witnessing the painful sight of wife dieing of stage 4 terminal bone cancer. Been a slashing contractor (and cattle) since 2002 and listen to your stuff in d tractor. Mate, your photos are just surreal and real..that’s it . love em..cheers morty.

  3. A relative sent me a card today. Inside was a photocopy of a poem I wrote in her visitors book in 95 when I met her new born.

    ‘I wrote a poem here. It went like this :

    Cats come first
    After mice
    Then came dogs
    Some black some white

    Mice hiding
    In dustbins and cupbroods
    Cats running
    Eating the ones they catch

    And then they ran in circles
    Never have I seen such a sight
    Dogs running around

    Dodging cahsing
    Oh my oh my
    Go cat, go dog, go mice
    Such a sight


  4. The more I look the more I love this picture. I feel so connected to you. I look forward to your next post. Hope you had a good day. How do you feel about meeting me? X

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