Friday 16th March


A dog called Reg ends up inside my camera,
He’s funny,
Makes me laugh,
“Can you take him Paul. He’s driving me crazy!”
Reg & Paul belong to a woman,
Who repeats the name of her husband,
On a loop,
Telling him what she wants him to do,
Tweaking instructions,
Nudging the controls,

Paul lifts Reg in his arms,
Dances with him,
Reg looks happy as another woman exclaims,
“No, don’t do that! Let the dogs run free!”
The dancing stops,
Paul tries to carry on smiling,
His face stalled in a practised grin,
He was happy,
So was Reg,
They retreat,
Heads down,
In ritual repeat,

The people here are angry,
Show their animals more love than to each other,
Cuddling & stroking,
Barking at & tolerating one another,
Sighing in exasperation,
Latent aggression towards their humans,
Openly expressing love for their animals,
Like a weapon,
It’s a dark energy to be around in the morning,
Though the music in the background is light,
I came here for the meditation,
And a little focus on positivity,

I put on my coat,
Pack my bag,
And leave,
There’s a chill wind on the street,
But it’s warmer than in here,
My dear


3 thoughts on “Friday 16th March

  1. Hi Karl,

    I hope you both have an amazing time in Reykjavik.

    When I was about ten my mum announced ‘Rowan doesn’t like babies.’ to a new mother. I was embarrassed but also glad experience the power of the words. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the baby, but I had been given a wind up Ribena berry pencil sharpener and preferred to look at that. It could walk. Thanks for your stories, you have given me lots to think about. Dream a little dream of me. X

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