Sunday 29th June



A bridge with a barcode, A car with a fish, a van with a
crystal pool, a round-a-bout for an iron Cockerel, a motorcycle
sagging under heavy bags, a lorry to hide the sun, a hard shoulder
for a smal fast dirty car, a woman that waves & smiles,
a mercedes that pushes in, radio waves carrying distractions,
A/C carrying exhaust fumes, toll booth hands for frustrated vans.


6 thoughts on “Sunday 29th June

    • Wow, Andrea, what a coincidence. I was just talking about Boy, Boy, Boy today, and some of the ideas it makes me think of, and I was talking about it for like an hour. And I watched the video several times, and went over the lyrics line by line. And you must have been thinking about it today too. I love your video in the car and hearing your beautiful voice.

      …and this also happened the other day, and I almost said something about it. Back on June 7th you said this: “You can add any words you like, but the music will always take over. It’s the music that gets me in a certain mood. I have danced through the 80´s without understanding a word of the lyrics and experienced a new dimension of life once I read the word of my favourite songs just a couple of years ago.”

      Literally, it was that day or the day right before you posted this, I was having a long in-depth conversation all about music and lyrics and memory, and how I’ve noticed that my brain processes lyrical words that are set to music in a totally different way than words that are not set to music, and my memory for musical words is very different than my memory for non-musical words, and how I recall this stuff from memory works totally differently. I was saying that I could process and remember the words to a song from the 80’s without ever really knowing what the words meant or even noticing what the lyrics were actually talking about. And then the song pops into my head now for some reason, and I can remember and sing the words, and I’ve started realizing that I never knew what they were actually saying in the first place, yet I still know the words. This would never happen with words that are not set to music. I actually have to think about non-musical words and get to the underlying concepts. With non-musical words, it’s the concepts that get organized in my memory, and what I remember is the concept which I could re-express in the same words or use new words. But with words set to music, I can remember the exact words without ever having grasped the concept.

      So lately I’ve been working with symbolism, and I’ve been considering the literal meaning of things and also what they could represent symbolically. I often have songs pop into my head spontaneously, and I used to just disregard this as a random phenomenon that’s unrelated to anything else going on with me, and passed it off as insignificant. But then one day I started paying attention to the songs that pop into my head, and started looking up the full set of lyrics online, and I started actually thinking about what the lyrics are saying, both literally and symbolically, and I’ve been completely shocked at how relevant they are to the topics I’m currently contemplating and the way I’m feeling. It’s usually more on a symbolic level, and it’s indirectly related to what’s going on, but I have found this to be extremely meaningful and interesting, and at times mind-blowing. And I have absolutely no idea why certain songs pop into my head or where this comes from, or why it happens at the particular time that it happens. And it’s been happening for most of my life, and up until a few years ago, I always disregarded it as random and insignificant, and never paid any attention to it. And now it’s almost like a mystical experience, like a “new dimension” as you put it. And with most of the songs that pop into my head, I never even knew what they were actually saying either.

      I was surprised when I saw your post that you were talking about almost the exact same things as I had just been talking about, though I think you’re saying that you couldn’t make out most of the words and didn’t actually perceive the words in the lyrics, and I’m saying that I could make out the words but never thought about what they meant or processed any of the concepts. It was cool to see your post, and we must’ve been thinking about the same stuff on the same day. And also, you posted that Freur video, “This Is The Way I’d Like To Live My Life” Live at the Hippodrome, and I was just watching that too the previous night. Anyways, I really enjoy your posts, and it seems like we’re on the same spiritual wavelength or something. Love, Cari

      Boy, Boy, Boy Hey Karl, do you still remember what you were like when you were a boy, before your voice changed? What was your imagination like? What did you dream about?

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