Monday 30th June



Still surfing the edge of the world with a head full
of something acquired in the air, free gift from a
generous sneezer. Thinking, scattered in directions,
pass the list made by a previous head I owned, better
suited  to the demands of this world. Jimi waits in the
next one with a soft pillow & a soothing tone, but he’ll
have to wait a little longer. It’s just a state of mind
induced by the breath of a sky-sneezer.

Listening to ‘The Karman Line’ by sPacemoNkey
– fits me just fine.


3 thoughts on “Monday 30th June

  1. Listening to High Life and i f* love it! … Especially time to waste it and moulded life

    You and B complement each other so well. Thank you both!

    (get better very very soon. and let’s have coffee.)

  2. ‘cuz with an imaginary girlfriend we can be like, “We have a hot girlfriend, and she’s amazing.Except we don’t see each other that often, and no one else can see her. We can’t even see her. But she’s still really nice.”

    the sun shone upon me

    What do you Remember? What do i Imagine?

    and as they walk the streets of the city, they gradually enter a Mystical Trance State where, for them, time stands still, and they can transcend the normal boundaries of time & space. The Great Mysteries of the Universe are slowly revealed to them, they begin to see Magical Symbols and they feel beautiful vibrations. There’s no pain or fear in this Mystical Trance State, and it’s full of vibrant colors and visions. Sometimes it only lasts for a few hours, and once it lasted for two days. They never know when it will happen again, or what brings it on, but for as long as it lasts it feels like Heaven.

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