Tuesday 1st July



In the studio writing, savouring another collaborative
exploration. People gathered to exchange experience,
strength & hope. A visit from the boys of G-Force,
introduce a momentary break in the groove, a kettle boiled,
tea brewed, mugs filled, conversation clutched in the sun &
ideas freely trafficked. A classic Citron, the smell of
seasoned leather in the sun, smiles, laughs & wide-eyed


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 1st July

  1. Fantastic to see UW are playing live in London it’s been to long! Really disappointed in how you have marketed the ticket sales, join the Southbank Centre for £65.00 or pre-order a CD! I will buy your CD anyway. Why not just play a venue like Brixton and have fair none tiered sale so that all your life long fans get an equal chance!

  2. Must admit I feel the same Jason. Totally unfair to the genuine loyal fans, and as you say, lifelong. I am at the point that I am not sure I want to go through the bitter dissapointment of trying to get tickets tomorrow, as we have been told they are limited! The great and the good will get first chance!!

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