Monday 29th September



Our friends Efterklang have a web ‘radio’ channel
‘THE LAKE’ that I tune into it. Today provided them with
an introduction to their recording of THE NECKS
recent Roskilde festival performance. THE NECKS,
as you know is a band I had the privilege of
performing with in 2009/2010 as part of Brian Eno’s
PURE SCENIUS project. Each of them is an extraordinary
musician in their own right, combining to form
an improvising ensemble like no other I’ve witnessed.
It’s doubly special therefore for me to have been a part
of their group for the six performances we made
together in Australia & back here in England.
I really recommend you check out this recording & bookmark
THE LAKE, as Efterklang continues to describe ways in which
a ‘band’ can evolve & still remain exciting.


One thought on “Monday 29th September

  1. Good day Karl,
    My friend Peter Ashworth played me DNB when it first appeared.,I loved it from the get go., long times past and many days have gone and yet you are still producing wondrous art/sounds. A true creative dynamo. Great new paintings.
    I read the post about not wanting to sing or write or frontman any more, I seem to recall your friend Eno saying he has difficulty being accepted as an artist or creator, or not wanting to be pigeon-holed as a ‘musician’. You seem to have escaped this somehow.
    I have been tattooing for the last 25 years and along with a small few have helped change the general perception of what was and is possible with the medium.
    I’m now returning to painting, something I have wanted to do for a long,long time.
    All blessings,

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