Tuesday 30th September



The body went to bed heavy limbed, the throat woke up sore.
It’s been a long time since the years when it was perpetually
fragile & every vocal irritation developed into full blown flu.
Violent bouts of sneezing were commonplace & though the head
could never admit it the body was a fragile sponge, open
to every germ it soaked up in the night bars & alleys.
Spiced food always triggered sore throats & the inevitable
days of illnesses that followed, rendering me unable to sing
if we were recording, frustrating, isolating. Listen back to
those early albums & you’ll hear a blocked nose & a frail voice.
Weird then to wake up with a voice that’s stronger with age,
was it just a booze infection?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 30th September

  1. Whatever,alcohol is a devil and ist’s the best thing what you can do-no drinks anymore.It makes me a good feeling to read that you feel better and yor voice goes stronger,Year! Water please,more…and more amore(:sylvia

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