Sunday 16th November



In the solitude of basement toilets, by the pool table,
beneath a studio filled with famous voices, faces, I meditated
on the weirdest day. Ego-less union, disarmed opinions &
barriers between genres lowered for something more important –

The white Knight launched us with familiar eloquence &,
for a day, we kicked a ball towards the same goal.

The Sunday papers quoted,
it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the song or the artists
as long as you buy the record

A good day, with more to come if I’m not the only one buying.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 16th November

  1. White Knight-is that the same man der mich um mein leben bescheißt?
    Der heißt nämlich ähnlich wie der fotograf-ari.
    ‘I hate something as the pest…’you shoudn’t say that to him,cause he didn’t like this word’s more than he didn’t like pest.
    White knight-pah.

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