Monday 17th November



‘Get It First On Digital’ Shouts a bus, selling sexy,
violent boys with knives.
“‘ave a nice day lads!” shouts the manic smiling
side street woman, singing loud to no one, loosing it
from waiting so long to talk to anyone. Holds out her
hands to the boy who hesitates & smiles, mistakenly
looking back as he walks away – ‘tempted’.
“Are you ‘ere on ‘oliday then?” she howls, spinning back
into the side streets off of Christmas.


One thought on “Monday 17th November

  1. The Riddle Of The Day
    The U2-Popmart-Lemon staging in Mexico City and our old company logo anno 2000.

    I was spinning indoors & watching music videos when another funny coincidence slapped my face.
    Have I told you about our company Lemon Planet back in year 2000?
    Our logo was similar to the lemon shuttle U2 had on stage. Found some old pdf:
    I even have some old t-shirts left with that logo.

    Heavenly sound at the end of “Please” (6:28 – 7.09), worth every penny. Could be a bit of a Brian Eno contribution as I understand by now 🙂 Beautiful, not to mention the guitar of course.

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