Thursday 26th February



Burning the candle at ends it never had, reversing health
regeneration with tech overload, work-on-work, late nights
& a little cherry of stress. A thin cold wire is being drawn
through my head, I pull down the shutter in the passenger seat,
you drive today. The presence of phones makes me nauseous,
I lower the window, cold wind full in the face, the first feel-good
of the day. Simple is the way to the healing.


One thought on “Thursday 26th February

  1. Keep it simple as they say, please heal, cherry stress is just a show, shows sometimes get rescheduled…. purchased two tickets for Sage mid March, although Ill be alone, extra ticket then. passport in pocket. waiting it out with you before buying the bird ticket and hotel, it’ll be spring break over here across the pond the following week yet getting there by Sat. night will be a rush. New books by you & feeling the finest health possible is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle boy needed most rather than an UW tour, such early spring, burrr. Lose or ignite persisting thin cold wires. Take it slow, make certain you feel better, best! 🙂

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