Friday 27th February



Everyday as I gain consciousness, words start to form into
sentence structures in my head, the dust of the night evolving
into sounds, beats, rhythms that speak. First one of the day
is, “Hey, I’m alive!” next. “What a beautiful day!”,
rain or sun, doesn’t matter, this default setting ensures
the head is pointing in the right direction.
Today, still recovering from late winter bugs, rehearsals
affected, though not enough to worry, coughing & spluttering
in the shower, the words get mangled up with negatives, the
self-centred stuff of old-scholl thinking that breaks through
like radio transmissions, criss-cross cutting up positive grooves.
Find a room, sit down, open a window, breath, slow down, switch off,
listen, bird song, wind, rhythm of flight, animal, machine,
planes coming into land & leaving, sun reflecting off the tips of their
wings, cars in the distance, whispering, winking glass eyes in the sun,
everything moving in it’s rhythm, everything in it’s place.


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