Wednesday 4th March



Knee deep in bad news radio morning, a heavy sheet of negativity
drawn over our nation again, again. Some mornings I can laugh off
this obsession, some days it feels like I’m going down with global
dark-stuff-flu. Held down, feel the badvibes, beaten into submitting
to the gloom, infected with fear & suspicion.
In this life I don’t seek negativity, don’t crave it to justify my
insecurities. I gravitate towards positivity, people who raise
themselves up, face towards the light, Spring bursts out the ground
& does the same, it must be the natural. Being pumped daily with
bad news is against nature, marathon running in lead boots.
I take the bins out, crunch through morning frost in the sun, buds
erupting to meet the light. Knuckles numb, I slip a camera out &
look around, see the world for the first time, again, again,
count my blessings, sober, still alive, shower off this dark radio
dust & go in search of the bright stuff. In the back of a car,
East London bound, production rehearsal, pre-Dubno-tour.
The company of friends, old & new, riggers, truckers, Sound & Lighters,
pulling together to transmit good news….people still coming together
to celebrate what’s good about people. Watching Essex out the window,
slip past easy in the sun, in-ears in, listening to Nervous Conditions.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 4th March

  1. Karl hyde, the way you string words and vibes together is absolutley inspiring. every time I read one of your entries I wonder how one gets to the state of mind to produce these vidid entries you put in. I want to create powerful structures with words just like you. as always you truly “bring the light in”……

  2. you allways will be supportet from one smith more on your tour,and coming back to essex very well:-)
    I saw there are no tickets to become for cologne?-/

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